Welcome to Fruit's Build Service!

I provide an affordable build service for anyone who needs assistance building their keyboard.

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This service I offer is strictly labor based. this means that you, as the customer, have to provide all parts necessary for the full keyboard build if not explicitly otherwise agreed upon by me. Exception for this is lube and switch films which I can provide at an additional charge.

These parts usually include:

  • Case
  • PCB
  • Plate
  • Switches
  • Stabilizers

Optionally, the following can also be included:

  • Case/Plate foam
  • Switch Lube
  • Switch Films
  • Keycaps

You will be responsible for the shipping both ways, local drop off and pickup can be arranged on request (Austin/Longview Texas). Once the build is completed, you will receive an invoice for the commission with the costs of the return shipping included.

The finished board will be shipped once this invoice is paid.

All commissions are completed in a FCFS order. No exceptions.

Services I offer:


  • Macro/Numpad - $20
  • Below 60% - $40
  • 60% up to TKL - $60
  • TKL and up - $70

Per key LEDs (single color) can be added for 15c per switch

SMD LEDs can be added for 50c per LED

Mill-Maxing is possible at an additional charge of 25c per switch if you provide the sockets. If you don't have any sockets, I can order some for you at $1 per switch.

Switch Lubing/Filming

Prices are per switch

  • 40c if the lube is provided by you
  • 50c is I provide the lube
  • 7c if you provide the films 
  • 10c if I provide the films

Lubes on hand: Krytox 205g0 and Tribosys 3204

Films on hand: TX Clear and Deskeys Clear films

As always, feel free to shoot me a DM or email with an and all questions :)