7-16-21 Ristretto GB

  • US Orders are delayed to August 7th, and non-US Orders are delayed to August 21st.


7-8-21 - Ristretto GB

  • Production has finished for all boards! They will be shipped to vendors in the coming days. 
  • Pictures of white plates and bottoms are here and here!


6-30-21 - Ristretto GB

  • Update #2 Email sent out! Still on schedule to ship out by end of July, hardware packs have been shipped out to regional vendors.
  • Pictures of bare PCBs are here! Samples are approved!


6-28-21 - Ristretto GB

  • Kits have been packed and shipped to international vendors.
  • More pictures are here!


6-22-21 - Ristretto GB

  • Screws have arrived! The remaining parts (packing materials, etc) have been ordered too.
  • First pics from manufacturing are here!


6-21-21 - Ristretto GB

  • OLED, Encoders, Knobs, and Standoffs have arrived!
  • Packing kits will start shortly for vendors.


6-12-21 - Fruitbar IC

  • Initial IC is posted.
  • Gathering feedback and interest.


6-11-21 - Ristretto GB

  • Update #1 Email sent out. All components have been ordered, estimated 3-4 weeks until they are in hand. 
  • On track for End of July ship estimate.

Last Updated: 6-30-21